Over the last few years the average yearly mileage has increased in some cases to more than the manufactures service intervals. And new vehicles are exempt from having a MOT for the first three years. As a result, some vehicles could be covering close to 100 thousand miles before having a mandatory inspection. Meaning that more and more vehicles are driving round with unnoticed defects, such as deteriorated tyres, worn out brakes, faulty brake lights and under serviced engines.

Its therefore important to carry out regular checks on your vehicle the ensure that it is not only safe to drive but also for your engine’s health. Simply checking your oil, coolant and washer fluid and looking for any leaks on the ground could alert you to an underlying fault and prevent you from having an avoidable breakdown. Possibly saving yourself money by catching a fault before it worsens.

Regular tyre inspections are also crucial, driving your vehicle with under inflated tyres will affect the life of the tyre, your fuel economy and also cause an accident if the tyre fails. When checking tyres you need to be checking your tyre pressures and correcting them if necessary, inspecting the tread depth remember the legal limit it 1.6 mm, checking for uneven wear which could indicate a problem with your vehicles wheel alignment, suspension or tyre pressures. Also any side wall damage caused by curbs and any age related defects like cracking and delamination.

If you’re in any doubt call and we can check for you and advise you on ways to do it yourself.